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Candles have been used as an item of utility, décor and an item of festivity for ages. Wax candles in different shapes, sizes and colors have always fascinated us. Candles with various fragrances have also been popular worldwide. However, technology brought in the concept of candles that operate on electricity. Nowadays, LED candles have taken up the trend.

A whole new range of attractive designs of candles are available in the online and local markets. They occur in designs like pillars, boxes, and several other shapes and sizes. LED candles have a flicker that appears just like a real flame but is free of dripping wax and flame. This provides more safety and light than real candles.

The candles have switches and most of them operate on batteries. You can set a timer for definite duration in some varieties. There are designs that operate on remote too. LED candles are a great idea as a promotional or corporate gift. We are importers and dealers of flameless LED candles in Mumbai.
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