Backpack and laptop bags for clients

Backpacks are bags that can be conveniently carried on the back and can be used for a variety of purposes. Backpacks are designed in different shapes and sizes that are meant for various age groups and for various uses. We are backpack manufacturers in Mumbai. Pretty and colorful backpacks are used by kids, there are specific designs intended for parents to carry the infant’s belongings while there are others that can be used for general purposes. We are manufacturers of backpack bags for schools in bulk. Backpacks also occur in customized designs.


There are backpacks that can be used as laptop bags, as travel bags and some as sports bags. You can plan one of these varieties as a corporate gift for your clients, customers or employees. As backpacks provide the flexibility of size, shape, material and colors, you have wide options to get the bags designed as per your requirements. Alternatively you can also order the readymade ones as per your choice. You can get the bags personalized by printing the brand name and details on the exhibiting portion. This will help in advertising your brand across geographies.

Companies that deal in exclusive businesses like sports material or travel and tourism can always gift attractive backpacks that can be used for travels, gyms or holidays. Ideally laptop backpacks need to provide the cushioning and compartments to carry accessories. We are laptop bag suppliers and backpacks manufacturers in Mumbai. Sports backpacks need to have space for sports and gym related accessories while travel bags need space and lot of compartments to carry multiple items.

While selecting a backpack as a gift, you need to ensure durability and good quality. We provide bags at wholesale prices. You can email us for laptop bags catalogue with price list.