Conference gift bag ideas for events in India

The competitive world of today demands that to prosper more in business, a good product or service is not enough.  You also need to be visible and your brand must appeal to a larger section of the populace.  This can be achieved through gifting and one of the most sought after gifts among corporate circles is the conference gift bag.   These bags are great appreciation gifts, good incentive products and also serve as excellent executive gifts.  They appeal to a wide section of people and are well received.

These conference gift bag ideas for events in India are not very expensive to procure and are affordable to both the small as well as large businesses.  .

It is important to pick bags that have slots for some of the following to be of real good use:

  • Luggage ID Tag – The business card can be slid into this slot to convey the message and let people know whom you represent.
  • A Small Pad – This enables note taking and with your brand printed on it, serves to remind the recipient each time he uses it. It needs to have 2 other slots by its side – one for business cards and one for credit cards.  You could attach a matching pen with it.
  • Document Holder – This is a neat one and creates a very formal impression with its meticulously arranged contents.
  • Slot for CDs, Flash drives, mobile phones or even some sleeves to hold photographs will be highly appreciated and commended by anyone who receives this.

The above is just representational and one could have other cleverly designed spaces for any more utilities.  The conference bag should be a one stop requirement for the busy traveler or businessman where he only needs to organize his things once and not bother to rummage around, each time he requires something.

These bags represent huge potential for advertising due to their bulk and advantages of portability.  The larger surface area is good enough to imprint your company logo, and the portability ensures brand recognition wherever the recipient carries it.


Conference gift bags are durable which means that they are not likely to get discarded after some time and the recipients will take care to maintain it for a longer time as these things become quite addictive over a period of time and one will not want to step out without them.