Customized corporate Diwali gifts

When it comes to customized corporate Diwali gifts, there are many choices. However if you need to be different and also exhibit a sense of concern towards the environment, then you need to look at something unique. It should reflect your thought and demonstrate to the recipient that here indeed is a company that is fulfilling its corporate social obligations.

The reference is to giving away eco-friendly products or “green products” as they are referred to.  These products need not always be made of recyclable material or out of something that conveys a direct impact. You can be subtle about your “green customized corporate Diwali gifts”.

One of the examples of such gifts is the 1GB USB flash drive that has the capacity to hold material that would have used up 50 trees.  This is such a wonderful gift that you can never go wrong.  Just imagine, every time the memory capacity of this pen drive is used, you are directly contributing to the conservation of several numbers of trees.

Before you implement this thinking towards corporate gifts, it would be worthwhile to practice it within the company itself and send a strong message to the employees and other staff about the seriousness of the company in carrying out this initiative.  To start with, you can do the following:

  1. Hand over USB drives containing the company policies and other manuals to employees including all mandatory forms like leave of absence, accident report forms or even any incident report formats.
  2. Distribute these USB flash drives to all your customers containing your company’s product details instead of a printed display catalog.
  3. Ensure that future sales presentations by sales teams are given out on USB flash drives to your potential customers.
  4. You can also give customized USB flash drives with an inbuilt link to your company website to your customers so that when they feed it into their computer, your website is displayed automatically.

This system works out to your advantage as costs of USB flash drives have come down drastically and with your company logo embossed on them, there is far greater recall value.  Your customers are also not likely to discard these customized corporate Diwali gifts as they are likely to do with printed material as such printed material may be quite common, thanks to your competitors handing over sales pitches and their company brochures in that form.  The customers also perceive these to be of higher value and will keep it safely for future use.