Metal Sipper Bottle


Metal sipper bottles look elegant to carry and are also more durable and useful than the plastic varieties. They are made up mostly from steel or aluminum as they are stainless and rust free. Metal sipper bottles are comparatively high in cost than plastic bottles. They keep water cooler a bit longer. We are wholesale sipper bottle dealers in Mumbai. Metal sipper bottles occur in various colors and designs and also with a variety of lids. Some have stand alone caps, while others have a flip lid that opens the sipper. Some have a hook top that is very convenient. These bottles come with attractive chains and handles. These bottles can be used as promotional items too. They are used widely by corporate, sports persons, at the gym and so on. We provide metal sipper bottles in India.We are metal sipper water bottle dealers in Mumbai and metal sipper bottles manufacturers in India.

Flip Top Cap Sipper – Sipper bottles with a flip top cap are the most convenient ones for the young and the old. You can carry it easily and just flip the cover to drink water or juice. Sipper bottles with flip covers or pull-up tops are commonly used by school kids. They come with straps that make it easy to carry. Once you pull up the top, the sipper gets unscrewed and the straw pops out. Kids find this easy and exciting to sip. The narrow mouth spout offers ease to drink water. Flip top cap sippers occur in BPA, latex and PVC free varieties that make them hygienically safe. For elders, these bottles come in various capacities and sizes. You can also get bottles that can be safely washed in dishwashers. We are dealers, supplier of flip top cap sipper bottles in India. We are flip top cap sipper wholesalers in India.


Plastic Sipper Bottles have an advantage of being available in innovative shapes and colors. The sipper tubes are also seen attached in funny ways unlike the usual straight straw pattern. We are plastic sipper bottle manufacturers in India. Plastic sipper bottles can be seen in shapes like animals, fruits, veggies, bowling pins and many more. Kids love these fantastic shapes and take to drinking a lot of water with no hassles and spilling. We are sipper bottle exporters and suppliers in India.

Elders can have plastic sippers for water and fruit juices. Some sippers come as infusers and are ideal for juices. Plastic sipper bottles are made up mostly from polypropylene or similar chemicals. It is recommended to use BPA free plastics that are safe for health. Good quality sippers come with a leak proof cap and guarantees. We deal in plastic sipper bottles in bulk in Mumbai.

We are suppliers, dealers, importer of plastic sipper bottles and wholesalers and sipper bottle producers in India.