Wholesaler of QCY STEALTH HEADPHONES in India


These stealth headphones are something which you should definitely consider if you want to gift your client something unique. The headphone is going to be a far-fetched word for this product these are simply just earbuds which you can connect to your phone via the Bluetooth. This headphone allows you easily pick up or reject calls with ease. Not only that you can simply redial the last number using this headphone. The headphones are made up of Acrylic material and have a smooth metal finish which allows you to easily hold them and place them in your ears. The design of this headphone is really perfect they fit into any ear size and comes with a built-in mic, USB port and a LED indicator all of these things makes it easier for you to use the headphones. They also come with a case which you can use to store your headphones and they will start charging automatically. of course you will need to charge the case for that.